Ceylon Emerald

Ceylon Emerald

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Distillation tricks can give you some vertical and horizontal complexity, and soaking can increase your yield, but there’s no trick or setup that can mimic the heights and the depths that only high quality woods have.
Try as you might, you could never replicate these ultra precise and mindnumbingly
pristine top notes, piercing with a vaporous green freshness, like emeralds sitting on a sheet of dry ice.
And there’s no recipe for the photorealistic beauty of this oceanic heart, complete with the mineralic touch of warm sand, the smooth woodiness of trees along the coastline, and the fresh breeze of salty air, as if the whole thing was infused with ambergris.
If you want a glimpse of what wild and sinking agarwood can smell like and feel like this oil is for you.
Yes, you read that right. Wild, sinking grade agarwood.
Ask anyone who’s on the ground, in the jungles, or at the distilleries, and they’ll tell you that the wood just isn’t what it used to be.
That’s why there are so many elaborate grading systems to classify the quality of wood-AAA, super king, triple super, etc.
But you don’t need a grading system to know that sinking materials are in a class of their own.
There is a dream in the heart of every distiller who lives, breathes, and dies for agarwood to round up the finest woods on the face of the earth and toss them into the melting pot.
There are few experiences as satisfying as seeing the first few drops of sinking grade oil come through the apparatus and collecting them as carefully as possible, knowing that every gram, every quarter of a gram is an irreplaceable treasure.
It’s even more rare for a wild, sinking grade distillation to be put out on the market.
Most distillations on this level are immediately tucked away, deep in the collections of the distillers, to be shared only with their closest friends and family or sold privately to longstanding and respected customers.
But here you have a chance to smell it for yourself.
Wild and sinking grade Sri Lankan wood from Adam’s Peak mountain, painstakingly harvested, cleaned, dried, distilled, cured, and bottled, for you.



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We love our clients and oure clients love Premium Oud


Super Duft und langanhaltend, bin sehr zufrieden.

Torben Rau

Hamburg, GER


Gaharu Royale is really how it smells. A royal oud. I’m very excited friends!


Strasbourg, France


Im very happy for getting the ceylon emerald oud. it has an unbelievable rich smell. im glad to see more ouds from premium oud. shipment to uae was also very quick. thank you and salam from Dubai.



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