Rise of Assam

Rise of Assam

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The words commonly used to describe it to get an idea of their usual profile: cheesy, barnyard, fecal, animalic.
The list goes on, but none of these represent the actual scent of agarwood.
Scour the globe and you won’t find a wood that smells anything like the product of fermentation.
Once you heat Indian agarwood, you’ll realize that people recognize Hindi oils not so much for the scent of the wood itself as for the auxiliary notes imposed onto it by the common fermentation and distillation techniques in the area.
But if you want the genuine scent of Indian agarwood, look no further.
There’s nothing so comforting as the dry hay opening, like warm fields of yellow grass at the end of summer; there is nothing so intimate as this heart of Indian chai and baking spices; and nothing so smooth as the lingering scent of dry woods and golden resins in the drydown.
Smelling this oil is like peering into the soul of India, as if all the rich tradition and familial culture has imbued itself into the wood we distilled.
Once you smell it, it’ll come as no surprise that this oil was distilled from incense grade wood.
It’s the only way to capture so accurately and wholly the actual profile of Indian agarwood

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We love our clients and oure clients love Premium Oud


Super Duft und langanhaltend, bin sehr zufrieden.

Torben Rau

Hamburg, GER


Gaharu Royale is really how it smells. A royal oud. I’m very excited friends!


Strasbourg, France


Im very happy for getting the ceylon emerald oud. it has an unbelievable rich smell. im glad to see more ouds from premium oud. shipment to uae was also very quick. thank you and salam from Dubai.



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