Green Hojari

Green Hojari

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Introducing our captivating Royal Hojari from Oman, a scent that embodies the enchanting traditions and awe-inspiring landscapes of this magical country.
Created with meticulous craftsmanship, this fragrance offers a mesmerizing fusion of earthy and invigorating elements.
Immerse yourself in a fragrant symphony, where resinous undertones intertwine with subtle nuances of fresh citrus.
The vibrant burst of grapefruit and zesty lemon in the top notes invigorates your senses, infusing you with vitality and boundless enthusiasm.
As the scent unfolds, the heart reveals the true essence of Omani frankincense, an exquisite blend of green and woody accords, evoking visions of serene desert vistas and timeless rituals.
Sourced from the untouched Dhofar region, renowned for its exceptional frankincense resin, this Green Frankincense exudes purity and youth, marked by its distinctive green hue.
It promises an alluring aromatic experience, captivating your senses with its unique allure. Indulge in the complexity of the lingering base notes, where warm amber and smoky incense delicately intertwine.
The result is a seductive fragrance that encapsulates the essence of Omani heritage and the irresistible charm of frankincense.
Embark on a sensory journey like no other with our Royal Hojari from Oman.
Let its energizing tones transport you to the enchanting realms of this land, where tradition and nature blend harmoniously to create an utterly captivating fragrance experience.

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We love our clients and oure clients love Premium Oud


Super Duft und langanhaltend, bin sehr zufrieden.

Torben Rau

Hamburg, GER


Gaharu Royale is really how it smells. A royal oud. I’m very excited friends!


Strasbourg, France


Im very happy for getting the ceylon emerald oud. it has an unbelievable rich smell. im glad to see more ouds from premium oud. shipment to uae was also very quick. thank you and salam from Dubai.



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