Premium Santal

Premium Santal

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Experience a sandalwood oil so densely layered that it behaves more like a traditional attar than a pure essential oil.
Before the word “attar” became the term for a blend of essential oils, traditional attar makers would throw raw materials, rose and jasmine were most common, directly into the distillation apparatus to be married seamlessly with sandalwood oil.
It is an arduous labour of love, having to constantly monitor the temperature of the process, filling the pots with fresh flowers every few days, and the whole thing often taking weeks to achieve the desired level of infusion.
There are still people who make attars in the old way because it is the perfect method of bringing two materials together, creating such a tight bond between them that the fusion results in a single, perfect, unified scent.
Here it’s as if you’ve got the lemony tinge of delicate taifi roses teasing out the smoky textures of osmanthus, and the creaminess of vanilla juxtaposed with the rugged dryness of cedarwood; as if a distiller went mad and threw it all into the apparatus to make the craziest, most intricate traditional attar possible and you thought this kind of complexity was only found in ouds. 
It’s the kind of scent that’ll make people question whether we’re selling an attar as a sandalwood oil, or whether we blended a few drops of other essential oils into the final batch.
This is as pure a batch of premium sandalwood as you’re likely to find, with the signature creamy-smooth-woody feel that confirms it.
But test it yourself: the nose never lies! 

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We love our clients and oure clients love Premium Oud


Super Duft und langanhaltend, bin sehr zufrieden.

Torben Rau

Hamburg, GER


Gaharu Royale is really how it smells. A royal oud. I’m very excited friends!


Strasbourg, France


Im very happy for getting the ceylon emerald oud. it has an unbelievable rich smell. im glad to see more ouds from premium oud. shipment to uae was also very quick. thank you and salam from Dubai.



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