Papa Papua

Papa Papua

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You’ve never smelled a smoky oil so smooth.
When it’s done just right, a Papuan oil is the quintessential “jungle” experience:
invigorating and lush green, grounding earth, and a dark smouldering incense smoke that reminds you of the satisfaction of heating agarwood to the perfect temperature.
If you’ve heated agarwood chips for yourself, you know that there are a few different ways to do it.
On one end, there’s the ultra low temp kodo-style heating that coaxes only the most delicate notes out of kyara.
On the other end of the spectrum, if you turn the temperature too high, you get the sour smell of scorched wood and burnt resin.
This oil takes the agarwood to that just-right medium temperature that still gives you the beautiful intricacies of low temp heating and turns it up just enough to add the satisfying smokiness of high grade incense.
It’s a foray into the depths of the Papuan jungle, about as far east as you can find oud, but you’ll notice something else too.
Even if just because its geographical location, Burma is perfectly situated to produce some of the most spectacularly complex and nuanced agarwood.
Just take a look at the countries that surround it and consider the profiles they’re known for: the creamy tea and floral spices from India; the legendary zest and primal musk from the Yunnan province in China; the tart resinous profile from Laos; and, of course, the pleasant fruity sweetness of Thailand.
Take a swipe for yourself and see why we’ve paired these two batches of wild agarwood, nearly from opposite ends of the Oud-producing world in the same pot.
Experience the dark green Papuan incense and imbue it with a mature spicy-foral-resinous-fruity complexity from the very heart of the Indo-Chinese landscape.
We took all that and vaulted it up for nine years, making this one of our oldest distillations.
The age has further refined and blended the distinct Papuan and Burmese profiles and married them flawlessly.
What you’re left with is a codistillation that leaves you in the Papuan wilderness, sipping spiced tea and blissed out on the finest incense

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Super Duft und langanhaltend, bin sehr zufrieden.

Torben Rau

Hamburg, GER


Gaharu Royale is really how it smells. A royal oud. I’m very excited friends!


Strasbourg, France


Im very happy for getting the ceylon emerald oud. it has an unbelievable rich smell. im glad to see more ouds from premium oud. shipment to uae was also very quick. thank you and salam from Dubai.



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